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Important Leadership and Philanthropic Accomplishments of Dr. Moshe Kantor

Dr. Moshe Kantor who is a Jew was born in the year 1953. He got his degree in Moscow Aviation Institute in 1976. He also go a Ph.D. in Science specializing in Space Craft Automatic control system. The Dr. is also known as a businessman because he is the leader of the Acron Group which is a company that has been publicly traded. This is a company that is known to be the largest mineral producers and distributors in the world.

The Dr. in the year 2007 was given the position of the European Jewish Parliament. The job that he is still holding up to this day. You should note that he is also a visionary and he is mainly confined to fighting against racism. He mainly focuses on fighting for the rights of the Jewish community.

He does not only fight for the rights of the Jewish people in Europe but also beyond. His position in the EJC is what allows home to be able to represent the Jewish people entirely. Working under the EJC umbrella gives him access to some of the tools and policies that they can put in place. This is a large organization that serve over 2 million people. It is this organization that ensures that the Jewish people all over the world are living without being discriminated.

Other than taking care of the needs of the Jewish he is also known to be promoters of the Holocaust education. He mainly want to ensure that people learn about the past especially the tragic events of the 20th century. His desire to make people aware of the history of the Jewish community is what lead him to start the World Holocaust forum. He is also the chair of the European Jewish Funds. These positions are what lead him to start and organize the International event in Krakow. The event was held on the 27th day of January in 2005. This was the sixtieth anniversary of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi liberation camp. Other than being the chairman of the EJF, he is also a founder. The main aim of the company is to make sure that the status of the Jewish communities has been enhanced. They also strive to make sure that they have reconnected the young people with their rich and essential Jewish heritage.

In the year 2008, Moshe founded the European Council on Tolerance and reconciliation. He is currently working as the president of the organization. The council is made of the some Nobel prize winners of the Laureates, some former leaders of the European Union and any person who has interest in the relationship that the Jewish people have in Europe. Their agenda is to ensure that the Europeans do not meet with any bias.

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