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Ideas When You Seek To Keep Your Dog Safe From Fleas And Ticks

Pets are part of our families, but it is also our responsibility to ensure that safety of our pets from pest infestation. With dogs, fleas are the most common external parasites and apart from the dogs they can also infest human beings dining on your ankles as well. Ticks are also popular external parasites which infest your dog but they are also harmful when they infest your dog, but they won’t only harm your dog but also as to your family. They have been known to transmit different diseases such as Lyme and fever thus the need to put in place measures to control their infestation. Both the fleas and the ticks will thrive at areas which enjoy high humidity of over 50% and also high temperatures and are common during the spring season.

One doesn’t have to struggle to identify when their pets are infested with fleas as the dogs keep scratching. Apart from scratching, one can also see little critters or white and black ‘grains’ with a size equivalent to sand grains on your dog’s skin which are eggs of the fleas. It is also not difficult for any homeowner to diagnose that their pet has been infested by ticks as they will be able to spot them on the dog’s skin. When you seek to limit infestation by ticks; it is advisable to use tweezers to remove the ticks as they are more accurate in removing the ticks and will get a closer grasp on the pet’s skin. After one has removed the ticks, they can also clean the bitten area using an effective antiseptic. The effects of flea infestation may be more than scratching as the fleas can lead to bacterial infections and even anemia to small puppies. For any pet owner to limit the likeliness of infestation, they will need to make correct decisions concerning the best time to treat their pets and when the spring season starts, it is the best time to treat your pet.

There is the need to note that when flea problem exists in your home, it may prove to be unhelpful to treat your dog alone. You need to treat the dog’s environment which will include the carpet, your yard, the dog’s bedding and even your car to eliminate the pests. One also needs to treat other pets they have at home as it will help remove fleas in all the stages of their life cycle. As much as one won’t struggle to identify when your pet is infested, you will also not struggle to find the right treatment as there are several treatments which will help you eliminate them and help your pet live a trouble-free life.

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